10 First Date Mistakes You Should Avoid

Knowing ahead of time what behaviours to avoid can save you from the mistakes that can cost you a second date with someone you like. Following are 10 of the most common mistakes we hear about from are users. All are easy to correct. Some might seem petty and even unworthy of being grounds for disqualification, and perhaps they are, but people still cite them.

1. Avoid talking too much, too fast, and too little.

2. Avoid talking about your lifestyle habits with your ex.

3. Leave aside anything that is false, too much jewelry, perfume, fake nails, be careful with glasses, they can advantage you or harm you.

4. Avoid taking out your lipstick and mirror at the table, red teeth are not attractive!

5. Don’t pretend you are a workaholic. It’s not a good idea.

7. Don’t appear too authoritarian, severe, it scares men.

8. Don’t go too fast, enjoy the moment (here, now).

9. Topics to avoid: illness, money, politics, sex (are you protected?), especially on the first night.

10. Turn off your cell phone in the presence of the person you want to seduce is crucial.

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